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    What We provide

    Local Moving

    If you are planning to move within the city or are looking to move to San Diego, get in...

    Residential Moving

    At Like Movers, we understand that moving your home comes with emotions that are hard to deal with..

    Commercial Moving

    However, a commercial move can also hurt your business if it’s done incorrectly. A poor move could lead to...

    Packing & Unpacking

    Even before your move starts we'll review your items & make a bespoke process to how they’ll pack...

    Storage Solutions

    If you’re selling your home, you’ll likely want to store some items until you find your new place. Like Movers..

    In-state Moving

    Have a Safe & secure move across the state with our best and most professional in-state moving service.

    Furniture Delivery

    Whether you need furniture delivery of any size to anywhere in CA. Like Movers certified crew of experts will go...

    Heavy Item Lifting

    Whether you are moving couches, Beds, Dressers, heavy planter or a delicate glass mirror, no need to worry...

    Loading & Unloading

    Safe & secure Loading & Unloading it is essential to remember the safety of both the staff and driver

    We are


    At Like Movers, we take pride in being recognized as one of the best movers in San Diego. For years, we have been committed to providing our clients with exceptional moving services, ensuring a seamless and stress-free moving experience. Our team of highly trained professionals offers individualized attention and expert guidance to help you make a successful transition to your new home.

    Elon K
    Founder & CEO

    Like Team

    Our team is a crucial part of the company. We are not just coworkers, but friends and supporters. Like Movers pays tremendous attention to worker's insurance and safety policy.

    Constant Communication

    Like Movers are fans of communication. We'll be in touch with you before, during, and after your move. Once your move is confirmed Like Movers stay up to date with emails and calls at every point.

    Instant Booking

    As one of the best movers in San Diego, Like Movers values open communication with our clients. We are always glad to hear from our customers and encourage them to get in touch with us for an instant booking, quotation, or to schedule their moving dates.

    quick quotation

    At Like Movers, we prioritize affordability and transparency. Quick quotation and estimation services allow access to transparent pricing. Our team provides quick estimates tailored to your specific needs for a full-service or affordable moving experience.

    Locations We Serve



    Our mission

    At our moving company, we have always been committed to providing the best level of quality moving services to clients throughout California. Our mission has since expanded to include storage and other related services, all geared toward being the best movers in the industry.

    Our Vision

    Our vision is to be the best in the moving industry by being the most effective, customer-focused, and successful affordable movers in the market. As a licensed removal firm, we prioritize adhering to all state and national requirements and hiring only the most trained and qualified employees to ensure exceptional moving services.



    At Like Movers, we pride ourselves on being elite movers and professionals in the moving industry. Our team receives extensive training not only on the work process but also on the importance of a customer-focused attitude. With attention to detail, our professionals are equipped to answer all of your questions and ensure that your move is in good hands at every stage of the process.

    Yes, Like Movers is a licensed company. Licensing is a very important process, both in moving and in any other area. The presence of a license indicates that the company operates in accordance with the laws of the state. MTR # 0192555 US DOT #3820244 You can check any company for a license by clicking on the following link:

    At any time and for any question, you can call 858 222 7227. The manager will answer all your questions.

    Like Movers, one of the most trusted budget-friendly movers, understands that unexpected changes may occur during the moving process. If you need to cancel your move, we will provide a full refund of your deposit if you inform us 72 hours before the move date. However, if you make the decision less than 72 hours in advance, we cannot refund the deposit, and you will need to provide a new deposit to reschedule the move.



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