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Professional Packing Services in San Diego, CA

It is often the hardest part of moving to organize all your belongings, so a packing service takes the stress off you. Our Professional packers are trained to ensure that your items are not just packed, but that they are packed the right way. They complete the job quickly, efficiently, and on time.

If you’re looking for a packing service in San Diego, you’ve come to the right place. Like Movers offers a full suite of packing services for your move by using the best packing equipment.

The Packing Issues

It’s easy to just throw things in a box and call it a day when you’re juggling a whole move. However, that’s a risky approach. Packing is not an easy skill to acquire, so the average person can easily skip the necessary steps and end up with damaged items.
You won’t save time and money by hiring people who don’t know what they’re doing. Whether the move involves antiques or expensive furniture, hiring Like Movers is a good idea.”

Why Consider Like Movers for Packing?

A majority of moving companies use one team to pack and move your things, but Like Movers employ a specialized team of certified packers to ensure your belongings are packed as carefully as you would like them to be. From picking supplies to labeling boxes to creating custom packing solutions, our company’s packing methods are a fine science.

In addition to bringing all the packing materials, customized for your move, our packing crew will take their time with the packing process—but can still finish it much faster than you could do by yourself. With the Like Movers team, you’d get top-quality service as you’d get from a professional packing company, and we’ll have you ready to go before our movers arrive.

Thorough Packing Process

As part of our packing process, our team follows the following guidelines:

Wrapping delicate objects

As a general rule, our packers start with the kitchen, which contains a lot of breakables, and we use double-corrugated dish packs that are much stronger than what you’ll find at most places for breakables. There is a high crush rate in our dish packs, which means they won’t collapse easily and will withstand more weight when placed on top. Then we place packing paper where we can easily use one sheet after another and carefully wrap each one before putting it into the moving boxes.

Objects are placed snugly in boxes so that they maximize space while also being placed correctly. In addition, each box is sealed and taped so that your dishes, books, knickknacks, and other house items will survive the shipping process safely.

Storing glass items

We will use mirror cartons specially designed to safely store mirrors, frames, shelves, and other glass items, such as two-piece or four-piece telescoping cartons, for mirrors, framed pictures, glass shelves, and other glass items. With packing paper, you can protect each item inside the cartons.

Tackling your closet

We’ll loan you up to four wardrobe boxes for your move for free, so you don’t have to separately pack and unpack clothes and hangers. These save you time as you can simply hang your clothes right in the box. You can purchase or rent more wardrobe boxes if you need more than four. Moving is much faster when you use wardrobe boxes. As soon as your move is completed, we will unpack your clothes directly into your new closet.

Staging the boxes

After we’ve packed your home, we’ll stage the boxes anywhere you prefer – in your living room, garage, or wherever is most convenient for you, so the movers won’t have any problem loading or unloading them.

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