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As a local San Diego, California self and full-service storage company, Like Movers provides various storage solutions. Additionally, with an office in San Diego that covers multiple locations across San Diego and LA, Like Movers is able to serve the entire San Diego City metropolitan area, including all boroughs.

Furthermore, we have a dedicated Storage Service to provide you with a pleasant relocation.

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Home Storage Solutions

There could be so many reasons you might need a home storage solution, whether you are going to sell your home, renovate your home, make an emergency move, move temporarily, or reduce clutter. Like Movers would love to store your belongings and provide you with a safe and secure home storage solution.

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Residential Moving

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Commercial Moving

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Packing & Unpacking

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Storage Solutions

If you’re selling your home, you’ll likely want to store some items until you find your new place. Like Movers..

In-state Moving

Have a Safe & secure move across the state with our best and most professional in-state moving service.

Furniture Delivery

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Heavy Item Lifting

Whether you are moving couches, Beds, Dressers, heavy planter or a delicate glass mirror, no need to worry...

Loading & Unloading

Safe & secure Loading & Unloading it is essential to remember the safety of both the staff and driver



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Like Movers offers the best relocation services in all areas of San Diego