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Moving Tips

A general guide for Moving that will help and make your move efficient.

Advance Reservation

You should make your moving reservation two to four weeks in advance.

The Law prohibits Hazardous materials

The law prohibits moving companies from transporting hazardous materials such as gasoline, bottled gases, ammunition, and explosives.

As you decide to move

As soon as you decide to move, clean out your closets, attic, and basement. Make a "survival closet" of cleaning supplies for the final cleanup before moving out.

Prepare your Fridge

Prepare your fridge for your move by defrosting it the day before.

Don't forget to say goodbye

Be sure to say goodbye to your neighbors and friends before your busy moving day arrives.

Don't Remove your Children favorite items

Do not remove your children's favorite items before the move, even if it makes things easier.

Specify the essentials that you'll need right away

Make a box of essential items that you will need right away after the move and make it the last thing to be loaded onto the truck.

Arrange for cable, phone & utility disconnects

If possible, arrange for cable, phone, and utility disconnects a week before moving day so you don't have to pay for them while you are away.

Prepare a backup Plan

When you are relying on friends and family to help you move, prepare a back-up plan.

Packing Tips

Let's make the packing process helpful and ensure the safety/integrity of your belongings.

To avoid items mess

Boxes should not contain items from different rooms.

Packing dishes

When packing dishes, always stack them upwards.

Pack boxes having tops

The truck cannot stack properly if the boxes do not have tops.

Bubble wraps for electronic equipments

Use bubble wrap when packing electronic equipment, such as stereos, if possible.


Documents such as children's health records, passports, family records, insurance information, and photo albums should be stored separately for easy access.

Closets & Drawers can be packed separately

Closets can be packed more easily with wardrobe boxes, and drawers can be packed in suitcases.

Don't use damaged boxes

You don't know if a used box will be strong enough to support your possessions, so don't use it.

Pad surfaces for breakables

It is always a good idea to pack and unpack breakables on a padded surface.


Make sure to tape all parts of furniture and other items together as you take them apart.